Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get credit for people that join Free Traffic CashFlow from my URL?
A: Of course! Your ID# will be used even if the person you refer doesn't sign-up immediately. Through the use of a cookie, your ID# will be stored in the web browser of all visitors you bring to your site.

Q: What I have to place in the little box beside the name of the programs in the program list? URL?
A: Your username or ID number for a program. You will find it when you look at your referral URL, it is usually at the end of the referal URL. Do NOT enter the whole URL, just the username or ID number. For example, if the whole URL is, you only enter: myusername.

Q: I placed all my ID's and usernames for each program correctly, but when I logged in next time all the boxes were empty. What happened?
A: It looks like you did not save the usernames and ID's you entered. After entering an ID, scroll down the program list page and click "UPDATE" to save it.

Q: My account was deleted. Why?
A: Most likely your e-mail was bouncing, or you used an e-mail with autoreply. Please use a VALID e-mail account, with no autoreplies. Free g-mail is the best solution.

Q: Can I add my own program to Free Traffic CashFlow?
A: No. At least not directly. But you can add your program, or actually MANY programs indirectly. Please check out our "Viral Builder" section. To each program you can add at least one program. For example, upgrade with vTrafficRush and you can add 5 programs instead of one!

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